Hi, I'm Joe Martinez

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What I Do

I'm currently a sophomore Texas Tech student Majoring in Computer Science

More about me

In between my courses I like work on goofy projects that build my skillsets as a full stack developer

I'm aslo the co-founder of RaiderHacks, A student orginization that specializes in attending Hackathons


Fullstack developer with primary focus on Flask & Javascript Download Resume

  • Python
  • Flask
  • Javascript
  • SQLite
  • Bash
  • Debian Linux
  • Pandas
  • Tenserflow
  • Wordpress
  • AWS

Some of my past projects

News Bias Detector

A web application that detects media bias in text

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Audio Flash Cards

Turn long recorded lectures into flash cards based off key words

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Facial Recognition Advertising

An ambitious attempt to accelerate our dystopian nightmare by using facial Recognition to generate demographic data for Facebook ads

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